Thursday, September 1, 2011

Designer Profile - Scot Meacham Wood

Also known as TartanScot...
Scott has a style I like.  Based in San Francisco, I find that his rooms have a coziness about them where I would feel at home. 
Runner, musician, Anglophile, textile junkie, and science-fiction nerd, Scot Meacham Wood takes great delight in seeing his clients’ homes and lives transformed over the course of each project.  “People always seem to invite me into their lives right at a particular point of personal evolution,” says the San Francisco-based interior designer, who opened his eponymous firm in 2001 after a 15-year stint at Ralph Lauren.”
Excerpt from One Kings Lane event
Below are some of my favourite rooms showcasing his work.  For more check out his site and his blog.
I love this room – I believe it’s in his own home  - I’m planning on using this as the inspiration photo for my bedroom.  It actually woudn’t take much since the room is already painted that same dark chocolate brown.

Check out his site for some truly wonderful inspiration.  Or check out his blog and follow along on his adventures.  

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