Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's in the Details

This is my favourite part about the Ralph Lauren Collection shows.  When they post the shots to the website, they include detail shots.  I love the overall look at a show, but its the details that I love the most.  Being able to see the small things up close - that's when you see the amount of work that goes into these items and appreciate the inception. 

The dress this was paired with didn't really do much for me, but then I saw the shoes and fell in love.

I love this soft pastel scarf for Spring.

I love the pinstripe and polka dot vest.

Love this pretty little evening clutch.

Pretty in Pink.

I love the mother of pearl detail along the clasp.  Not to mention the beading detail on the dress.

What can I say, I love everything about this evening clutch.

I loved this dress.

This scarf would dress up anything.  The sheen on the suit is lovely too.

The front of the dress is simple and classic, but the back is wow.

Love the back on this dress as well.
Simple, elegant, classic. 

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