Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Time to Sign Off

Five years ago today I started a personal experiment in blogging and promised myself that I would stick with it for five years - and I did.  Unfortunately I've discovered that finding the time to research and write isn't something I have a lot of time for.  I've frequently thought about changing things up a little but must admit that there just isn't the desire when I'm spending so much of my time staring at a computer screen all day long.  The last thing I want to do now is spend more time on the computer.  So while I've learned a great deal blogging, I found myself more enmeshed in the lives of people I've never even met.  I need to spend more time focusing on my own life.

I've enjoyed recipes, from Barefoot in Boston and watching the growth of their adorable little boy.  I've enjoyed watching the growth of the magnificent career of Jamie Beck and her husband Kevin from Ann Street Studio and travelled vicariously around the world with them.  I've marveled at the stunning home and impeccable taste of Tina from The Enchanted Home and the apartment with magnificent views of San Francisco of Classic Casual Home.  I've loved watching the progress of the lovely country home of Fo.r Love of a House and cried when they're dog died.  I've marveled at the spirit of Ellie from Have Some Decorum for her upbeat attitude while suffering with ALS (a disease the my father died from.)  I even find myself checking out her friend Yolanda Foster who's suffering so badly from Lyme Disease.  (Here's hoping they find a cure for both diseases soon).  The talents of Camille Styles and her team never disappoint.   There are so many more... too many to mention.  I intend to continue checking in once in a while.  But I'm disconnecting as much as possible from all forms of media (at least in my personal life) as I have to deal with some changes in my life that will take all the energy I've got. 

So keep up the great work everyone out there in blogger land.  You've impressed me so far....

A Serene Life For Me.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ralph nailed it again

I love this look for Fall.  It's currently the colour scheme in my home so I was naturally drawn to it anyway.  With freezing cold temperatures outside being warm and cozy snuggled up in knits and with our fur throws (fake - no nasty e-mails please) and I'm ready for this look.

Check out more here.
I've been really busy lately, clearing out the spare room, doing a year's worth of filing (I'm ready for tax season), sorted through tons of clothes and purged out a lot of stuff.  This is one of "pockets of resistance" rooms where when we don't know what to do with something it ends up there.  There are a few in my house and this year I've promised myself to really tackle these and get more organized.  So still pretty much offline, but had to post these images when I saw the new collection.  Just love his stuff.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Enough Winter Already

It's mid-February, my least favorite time of the year.  At this point every year without fail I'm over the warm feelings of Christmas, sick of snow shoveling, bitter cold weather, slippery roads and being cooped up inside my house.  Comfort foods aren't comforting anymore as I watch the hand on the scale creep up.  In other words I'm not a snow bunny type of girl and find this forced hibernation frustrating.  As I can't afford it escape to the sunny south this winter, I can only pray for an early spring.  I'm so feeling the need for the warming sun on my face.  So in order to keep that feeling going I'm posting some shots from Michael Kors that appealed to me.

I hate to end on this note, but I'm going to have to log off for little while.  I've decided I've been spending way too much time on a computer - I work on one at a desk all day and I need a break.  Between this and watching way too much television I've become a serious couch potatoe and I need to shake up my routine. There too many projects around my home that can't be ignored anymore and I've got some serious closets to clean out.
Stay tuned - you never know when I'll pop up again.  But for the next little while I'm offline.
A Serene Life for Me - I'm working on it......

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chalet Le Petit Chateau 1850

For those who love skiing or just love the mountain views and can afford it.  Check out Chalet Le Petit Chateau 1850, in Courchevel which is located in the commune of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise in the French Alps.

This place has every luxury you can imagine.  Jacuzzi/hot tub, indoor pool, private gym, indoor cinema, private butler, chef and housekeeper.  Throw in your own personal chauffeured car service and you're set.  They even have heated boot warmers.  It has seven bedrooms (a bit big for me alone - anyone care to join me?) and even offers massage, beauty treatments and if you ever desire to return to the land of the living, a helicopter that will take you to the airport.

To Rent contact Leo Trippi AG
Via Serlas 21a
CH-7500, St Moritz
+41 81 385 1882

Today we're off to Provence

We'll stay at La Bastide de Marie in Ménerbes.  A beautiful working vineyard in the Luberon mountains at the foothills of the French Alps.  Enjoy!



64 chemin des Peirelles
GPS: 43.824504 / 5.231647
Tel: +33 4 90 72 30 20

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Or how about London

Nottinghill to be exact.  I could get my son some wonderful bespoke suits at Paul Smith.
122 Kensington Park Road,
London W11 2EP, +
44 (0)20 7727 3553

In Nottinghill I could stay at The Park International Hotel and take my time strolling through this wonderful district.



Or perhaps less shopping and more sight seeing

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

To be centrally located I could stay at Plaza Athénée.

25 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris
Tel: +33 1 5367 6665

The Travel Bug has hit again...

This year is not about travel - it's about a new car that we desperately need so travel at least for now is off the list.  But I'm already craving a trip again.  So vicariously I will take a virtual trip

Shopping at Chanel - 31, Rue Cambon, Paris
Pick up one of these. - Image Hollie Hobin (Happy 21st birthday Hollie)
Serious shopping along the Place Vendôme
And since I would like to be close by to all the action I would stay at the Mandarin Oriental.

My room with a view.

Or here - I'm not picky.

Or maybe this room. 

I would enjoy dinner on the lovely top floor patio

and look out over the roof tops of Paris.
251 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
+33 (0)1 70 98 78 88

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