Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Time to Sign Off

Five years ago today I started a personal experiment in blogging and promised myself that I would stick with it for five years - and I did.  Unfortunately I've discovered that finding the time to research and write isn't something I have a lot of time for.  I've frequently thought about changing things up a little but must admit that there just isn't the desire when I'm spending so much of my time staring at a computer screen all day long.  The last thing I want to do now is spend more time on the computer.  So while I've learned a great deal blogging, I found myself more enmeshed in the lives of people I've never even met.  I need to spend more time focusing on my own life.

I've enjoyed recipes, from Barefoot in Boston and watching the growth of their adorable little boy.  I've enjoyed watching the growth of the magnificent career of Jamie Beck and her husband Kevin from Ann Street Studio and travelled vicariously around the world with them.  I've marveled at the stunning home and impeccable taste of Tina from The Enchanted Home and the apartment with magnificent views of San Francisco of Classic Casual Home.  I've loved watching the progress of the lovely country home of Fo.r Love of a House and cried when they're dog died.  I've marveled at the spirit of Ellie from Have Some Decorum for her upbeat attitude while suffering with ALS (a disease the my father died from.)  I even find myself checking out her friend Yolanda Foster who's suffering so badly from Lyme Disease.  (Here's hoping they find a cure for both diseases soon).  The talents of Camille Styles and her team never disappoint.   There are so many more... too many to mention.  I intend to continue checking in once in a while.  But I'm disconnecting as much as possible from all forms of media (at least in my personal life) as I have to deal with some changes in my life that will take all the energy I've got. 

So keep up the great work everyone out there in blogger land.  You've impressed me so far....

A Serene Life For Me.

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