Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from A Serene Life for Me.  Drive Safe.
French researchers have found scientific that the bubbles are the key to a good bubbly. Hmmm, really?
The scientists found that the tiny bubbles “are the essence of fine champagnes and sparkling wines” and play a central role in the transfer of taste, aroma and texture, according to an article published in the American Chemical Society Journal.

The best way to preserve the bubbles is to chill champagne to 4°C and to pour it down the side of an angled flute instead of dumping it into the center of the glass.

Both measures minimize the bubbles lost after the cork is popped.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Victoria Beckham

Another stylish woman...
Again, you either like her or you hate her, and some of her outfits scare me, but the woman definitely has style.
Photo credit David Dyson
Photo credit unknown
Photo credit – Birkin Watcher
She’s known for her extensive Birkin collection
Victoria Beckham – I love this wide leather belt – photo credit unknown
Image source WireImage

She is really pretty when she smiles, but she always looks so fierce in her photos.  Not sure why.

Profile: Olivia Palermo

I hardly ever watch TV so I really didn’t know who she was...
No matter what you think of her, she definitely has style.  Actually they both do.
Olivia Palomero – photo sources are too varied to credit

In October she started up her own blog, so if you're a fan check it out.
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