Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Face Care Product for Me

Recently I've been experiencing difficulty with adult acne which I've made worse with all of the rich foods I've been indulging in this Christmas season.  There comes a time in your life when this shouldn't be a problem but sadly my body isn't listening.  I've been trying lots of different products for my face in a wide price range, but this is one item that I can't seem to be without since no matter what else I use on my face I seem to need this to keep spots away.  I used to use Clinique and for some reason stop using it a long time ago.  Mainly because I felt I needed something for aging skin and this seemed more like something from my youth.  Well I'm back and my face is quickly clearing up again.  It's true what they say.  Finding something that works for you and stick with it.  Lesson learned.

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