Sunday, December 11, 2011

Designer Profile: India Hicks

The first time I can remember ever hearing about India Hicks was when a listing of the bridesmaids for the royal wedding was announced.  When looking at wedding photos of Diana, Charles and the rest of the wedding party, I was struck that she didn't look too comfortable being a bridesmaid and in so much in the spotlight.  (I later read, on her blog, that she wasn't comfortable wearing such a frilly dress).  Her heritage and being Diana's bridesmaid has followed her everywhere, but this is about India.  The term "You've come a long way" truly applies here.

The next time I had any knowledge of India was when she moved to New York for modelling.  I've been a big Ralph Lauren fan for many years and I remember a photo spread where three different designers were decorating her New York apartment (one of them was Ralph Lauren - I tried to find photos but was unable to find anything - too far back I guess).  I loved the Ralph Lauren apartment the best naturally and if I recall correctly so did India.  There's been a long friendship and association between the two of them (he wrote the forward for her book "Island Living"), and over time I simply grew to admire India for her own style and sense of self. 

As previously mentioned I love her skincare line and I just can't get enough of it.  It's created around the smells of her island home in the Bahamas and what a life it is.

I enjoy reading her blog and finding out what she's up to lately.  She may have royal connections but she's so funny and down to earth.  She has a great sense of humour and you just never know what she's going to do next.

India has done so much with her life so far while raising four kids of her own, not to mention a menagerie of pets and recently she's added a fifth child who's mother died of cancer. 

Wesley and her sons

Her kids and the life she's created are her greatest accomplishments, but she has done so much more.  She has a number of wonderful villas to rent in her beloved Bahamas;

The Cricket Pavilion
She's a spokesmodel for Viyella;

She has a terrific online store called the Sugar Mill, which now includes fashions, accessories and of course her wonderful fragrance line;

Here are a few of my favourite items from the Sugar Mill.

These come in gold, silver and bronze -
Santa, I'll take one of each please.

Dakar woven bag

A pretty scarf - One of these also Santa.

  And, she's an amazing jewelry designer.  I've included some of my favourites below.  Enjoy.

Some previous India Hicks references on my blog:

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