Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Profile: 2 Stews

This is a very unique blog experience I'd like to share with you if you love to travel.  Diane of 2 stews is a stewardess, or air hostess I think is the new jargon.  At any rate, she travels extensively for her job naturally and posts plenty of great images from her travels.  They say that pilots and stewardesses know the best places to stay, eat and visit while traveling and after viewing her site I can believe it.  She is currently community from Boston to New York and from there to international destinations so please forgive her lack of current posts.  The woman is exceptionally busy.  However, that doesn't take away from the incredible places she's seen and the great food she cooks.  I've learned a lot of travel tips and suggestions from this site.  If you love to travel, you'll love this blog.

"I started blogging a few years without any idea where I was headed. When people asked me what my goal was, I replied that it would tell me the direction it wanted to go in. I wanted it to shape me and what I expressed, so as to keep things fresh. I really didn't know too much what a blog was before I started one. Another flight attendant friend and I decided to chronicle and talk about our passions of food and travel. Shortly afterward 2 became 1, but I stayed with the name. My camera came with me on all of my trips and I found I loved sharing my experiences. Paris and all things French have always been a driving force for me. My fellow "stews" enjoyed being part of the moment. Often when served our food at a restaurant they'd ask, like a proud parent, if I wanted to take a picture first. Everyone was always patient with me as I dawdled behind to catch just the right photo. After transferring to New York from Boston, I had so many more destinations and travel inspired recipes to share. Paris still remains my favorite destination, with Italy right there beside it. What's not to love?!  And I'm still wide-eyed and waiting to see what comes around the next corner."

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  1. Thank you, Beverly for your kind and generous post. I feel humbled to be among all of the beauty on your lovely site. Happy Holidays!!


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