Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Profile – Courtney from Barefoot in Boston

I couldn’t cook until I found this blog…

I was a lousy cook that set off the fire alarm every single time I tried to cook.  My son grew up on take out, frozen dinners (thank heavens for President’s Choice) and quick things like fruit, grilled cheese and anything else that was easy and fast.  Every time I tried something bigger I ruined it.  My son gamely ate whatever I put on his plate but he never ate much.  I worried about his weight constantly as I tried to learn to cook.  Nothing worked and I ruined pots and pans, annoyed neighbours and collected cook books that are taking up space on my kitchen counter.  And then...  I discovered this blog and my son hasn’t stopped eating.  He’s constantly looks over my shoulder to see what she’s making next and swears he would marry her if she wasn’t already married.  Since I began trying her recipes, he is constantly telling me that I can make that again and has shot up to 6’ and is starting to complain that his pants are getting tight.
Courtney from Barefoot in Boston and her lucky husband

Courtney is recently married and lives in Boston.  She works in the corporate world and uses her blog as a creative outlet.  She is not a professional cook, but trust me she is an amazing cook anyway and should open a restaurant someday or maybe think about a cookbook.  My son and I would visit or buy the book for sure. 

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