Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whole Living Challenge - Day 4

Taking it slow...
I've been advised by someone who's completed this that easing into it is the best thing I can do since it will then become a lifestyle choice instead of a diet.  Clearly this person knows me well.  Begin easing into the changes one at a time instead of all at once as suggested in this program and I'll be more likely to stick with it since these steps will then become habits.  Like a twelve step program break it down and take it one step at a time per day.  This worked for her and took a year instead of four weeks, but she looks great and is much healthier and happier so here goes...

Begin with back stretching exercises and drinking hot water and fresh lemon juice.  Then make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Start weaning off coffee and have one cup of green or white tea instead.

Benefits of 3 water temperatures:
Hot Water can help detoxify the body:
·     When toxin in the body goes up, the body concentrates them in the liver lymph system, intestines and skin to speed up their excretion. But the problem is toxins can make our metabolism slow. That is where the hot water does its work. By flooding the GI tract with heat, it stimulate peristalsis-muscle contractions that encourages the movement of toxins from the liver and lymph system into the digestive tract, therefore speeding their elimination from the body. Hot water also makes your pores open, which can allow stored toxins in the skin tissue to evaporate into the air.

Lukewarm Water can make you feel full quickly:
·     When you drink lukewarm water you will feel full quickly. As soon as the water enters the stomach, the organ registers fullness more quickly than with hot or cold water. This makes the stomach expand rapidly, stimulating the brain's nerve to turn off hunger pangs. Room temperature water is also more rapidly absorbed by the stomach lining, so it doesn't stall the digestive process the way hot or cold liquids can.
Cold Water can give your body a workout:
·    When you drink cold water your metabolism becomes 3% faster within 10 minutes of finishing a glass of cold water, and it stays elevated for 30minutes more says an expert. The reason here is that your body has to work harder to heat the cold water before it can be absorbed and used by the cells.

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