Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flying High with Angelina Jolie

I would love to learn to fly...
Doesn’t this look so peaceful?  Soaring above it all.  I just need a plane, some lessons, a few million and maybe a Brad Pitt look alike as a co-pilot and I’m off. 
Funny when I mentioned this to the people in my life they looked skeptical.  “Really?  I thought you were afraid of heights”.  Ok so I overcome it to fly.  It will be different since I’ll be in control.  More skepticism.  At any rate, from this conversation... I learn to fly - I fly alone.  No one is interested in flying around the countryside with me.  However, I haven’t told them my secret.  If I get a plane I’m getting one like Angelina Jolie’s.  Is that more skepticism I hear?  Well her plane has a backup plan.
Angelina owns a $360,000 Cirrus SR-22 plane which comes with a digital navigation system and an airframe parachute.  Yep get in trouble and you pop the parachute.  However when I mentioned this to my skeptics, and showed them the video’s from the site, they pointed out that there weren’t any showing the plane actually touching the ground after the parachute had been deployed.  OK – maybe I do need to rethink this.  It was just a thought.

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