Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspiration – For My New Bathroom

I’m thinking we need some bathroom upgrades…
This is the bathroom of Designer Philip Mitchell.  I loved his entire apartment, but can’t find the images I had of it.


  1. This is divine! You must make this an inspiration for your bathroom. I also want touches of creamy white and silver for my bathroom. But I still don't know if that would work in my colorful house! =D

  2. I totally agree. We're trying to a quote now on what it would cost. So fingers crossed.

  3. That is one elegant bathroom! It responded well to the challenge of having an all white concept being too boring and having a very sad ambiance. I love the countertop, the simple white cornice, the dirty white frames, the white flowers, everything!

    Leeanne Dyson


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