Friday, July 15, 2011

Designer Profile: Alexa Hampton

Taking over her father’s design firm and creating a name for herself...
This time of year I find myself thinking of cedar-shingle Hamptons beach houses.  This is one of the cottages that come to mind when I think of a serene home by the shore.  Alexa Hampton has created this amazing look.
Alexa Hampton – President of Mark Hampton, LLC
“Her work is classic, traditional and eclectic.  Under her direction, the firm has completed a wide range of designs for domestic and international projects, including apartments and larger residences, private airplanes and yachts.” 
There is a great interview by Raina Cox of If the Lampshade Fits for
In the meantime, enjoy the interior of this beautiful house photographed for Architectural Digest by Scott Frances.


  1. Trying to figure out what she designed. The house looks exactly the same as he clients bought it minus the furniture

  2. A valid point. I wasn't aware that the owners had purchased the house as is. If that's true I stand corrected.

    I still love the overall look of the home - inside and out.


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