Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Profile: Alisa of 33 Shades of Green

This is one talented woman.  She seems to do it all.  Cook, decorate (she has the nicest little condo), sews like a professional, takes lovely pictures and is a loving daughter, sister and friend.  She has her own garden plot and regularly showcases the produce in healthy recipes.  Don't worry there are a few decadent ones thrown in as well.  I admire anyone who can cook something amazing and photograph the end results and process and still make everything look mouthwatering.  Lighting seems to be my issue whenever I try this so I don't bother - not to mention that I'm still mastering this fine art and trying to get the timing down is tricky for me.  How does she keep her kitchen looking so spotless?  When I cook ... well let's just say that the kitchen could be a declared a disaster area when I'm done.  My sewing results aren't worth mentioning ... oh yeah, this isn't about me.

Tasty Tuesdays showcases so many great recipes that I never know where to begin.  It's an opportunity for everyone to submit recipes and her following is so big that I could spend hours clicking on all the links.  Check out her blog I'm sure you'll find something there that really appeals to your appetite.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely write up Bev. Next time I am feeling down I think I will just come over here and read your kind words! And don't worry, My kitchen is just as messy as everyone else's - I just don't photograph that part!



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