Thursday, February 12, 2015

Enough Winter Already

It's mid-February, my least favorite time of the year.  At this point every year without fail I'm over the warm feelings of Christmas, sick of snow shoveling, bitter cold weather, slippery roads and being cooped up inside my house.  Comfort foods aren't comforting anymore as I watch the hand on the scale creep up.  In other words I'm not a snow bunny type of girl and find this forced hibernation frustrating.  As I can't afford it escape to the sunny south this winter, I can only pray for an early spring.  I'm so feeling the need for the warming sun on my face.  So in order to keep that feeling going I'm posting some shots from Michael Kors that appealed to me.

I hate to end on this note, but I'm going to have to log off for little while.  I've decided I've been spending way too much time on a computer - I work on one at a desk all day and I need a break.  Between this and watching way too much television I've become a serious couch potatoe and I need to shake up my routine. There too many projects around my home that can't be ignored anymore and I've got some serious closets to clean out.
Stay tuned - you never know when I'll pop up again.  But for the next little while I'm offline.
A Serene Life for Me - I'm working on it......

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