Saturday, September 10, 2011

Being Styled by Tonne Goodman

It's fashion week so I'm sure the Vogue editors are really busy, but I'm glad to see that have a sense of humor.  This riff on themselves where they did a shoot styling models as themselves back in 2008 is a good example.  My favourite was Tonne Goodman's take on herself.  The model is Tanya Dziahileva and I like the classic tailored casual look that she's sporting.  This is my style as well and since according to Tonne, you are what you wear this is right up my alley.

Hermes Cashmere coat & bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Clarks Original Desert Boots, White jeans, Cashmere turtleneck.  This shoot is so timeless and classic.  I know what I'll be wearing this fall.
I really want this black coat, but couldn't find credit for it.  Ah well, I really should renew my subscription to Vogue so I don't miss out on stuff like this.

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