Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Case Study in Los Angeles

I'm not really a modernist person, but this house is so unique and been photographed for so many shoots that I couldn't resist profiling it.  Most recently 1635 Woods Drive in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles was used for the J Crew Hollywood catalogue shoot.  It was also used for my favourite January Jones shoot and many other celebrity shoots including Grace Kelly.  
Grace Kelly photographed at
1635 Woods Drive, Los Angeles

It's a Case Study house - #22 to be exact.  Apparently in 1945 at the end of World War II, John Entenza, editor of Art and Architecture Magazine, commissioned several legendary architects to build affordable homes in California using mostly wood, steel, and glass.  The houses were intended to be model homes which the typical American family could easily duplicate using affordable materials. 

1635 Woods Drive, Los Angeles

It's now considered the most photographed house in the world.  However, it's beginning with fame was due to the famous photograph by Julius Shulman.  A nighttime shot of Ann Lightbody and Cynthia Murfee in the Stahl residence in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking Sunset Boulevard.

January Jones photographed at
1635 Woods Drive, Los Angeles

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