Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Designer Profile - Michael Kors

Time to add a new fashion designer into my collection...
I’m sure everyone is sick of my Ralph Lauren fetish.  It won’t go away, but I thought I should mix it up with some other designers once in a while.  Here is another designer that I simply love.  His styles are so elegant, simple and classic.  I find myself admiring his work more and more.
For a last touch of summer.  Spring 2011 Collection

I love this swimsuit.  But I'm wondering what happens when the leather trim gets wet?

I've just been advised by my son that this look is more for people his age group.  I think the model is more what he has in mind.  Teenage sons really can't see their mothers as anything but a mother.  No imagination.

Apparently he thinks maybe I could get away with this outfit.

And since the white stuff will be here before we know it.  Winter 2010 Collection.

Ok that's enough. I'm not ready for all that white stuff just yet.

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