Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jennifer & Cary Grant - Good Stuff

I've always been a big fan of Cary Grant and have thoroughly enjoyed so many of his movies.  His films are listed among some of my favourites.  I read somewhere that he was always very careful about crafting his image.  Frankly I think a few hollywood stars nowadays should follow his example.  However, in my opinion, I've always felt that the true Cary Grant was revealed in his later years as he found peace in his fifth and final marriage to Barbara Harris Grant, but most of all in the love he felt for his daughter.  Whenever he was with her he just seemed to light up and in photos of them he is clearly so proud of her.  To me that is the true and best Cary Grant and if he were alive today I think he would agree with me.

Images Ralph Lauren Magazine

Some images of Cary Grant and his precious daughter Jennifer.


This is one of my favourite Cary Grant stories.  While filming Operation Petticoat this little girl was cast for the movie and was devastated when she realized that she was going to be costumed in rags as a refugee.  Cary Grant felt so bad for her that he went out and bought her this pretty little dress so that she would have something special.  That's the Cary Grant I love and admire.  Celebrities today could learn a lot from him.  He wasn't perfect, but he was a great man at heart and it shows in all of his relationships and movies.

Thank you Jennifer for opening up and writing about your relationship with your father.  Memories are the greatest treasures we have in life and I think it's time I created a few more special memories with my teenage son before he heads out into the world.

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