Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Style Role Model - Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, the epitome of the Alfred Hitchcock look...
There are some people that epitomize a look of serene elegance, class, style and sophistication that never appears dated even when the outfit they’re wearing is from another era.  Grace Kelly had that type of style.  Already becoming quite famous on her own, her association with Alfred Hitchcock transformed her into an icon. 
You could wear this outfit today and look perfectly chic and stylish – not dated.

Adapted from a successful stage play and directed by Alfred Hitchcock the movie starred Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, and Robert Cummings.
The screenplay and the stage play on which it was based were both written by English playwright Frederick Knott (1916–2002), whose work often focuses on women who innocently become the potential victims of sinister plots. The original play premiered in 1952 on BBC television, before being performed on the stage in the same year in London's West End in June, and then New York's Broadway in October.
The single setting in the stage play is the living-room of the Wendices' flat in London (61A Charrington Gardens, Maida Vale). Hitchcock's film adds a second setting in a gentleman's club, a few views of the street outside, and a stylized courtroom montage.   This was the first of Grace’s roles with Alfred Hitchcock.

Excerpted from Wikipedia
Grace Kelly promo shot for Dial M for Murder

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  1. i LOVE grace kelly and she has always been my fashion role model so i love this post!


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