Thursday, August 25, 2011

Princess Charlene of Monaco - Wedding Tiara

I fell in love with this tiara on Princess Charlene for her evening wedding reception designed by Lorenz Baumer.  It's called the Diamond Foam Tiara, but it's more like a headband or hair piece.  Either way it's amazing.  It was designed to also be worn as a shoulder piece or a single or double clip and comes with it's own little screw driver to take it apart.  Quite ingenious.

HSH Princess Charlene wearing the Diamond Foam Tiara on the eve of her religious wedding.

HSH Prince Albert also gifted his new wife with another custom designed tiara and necklace simply called the Ocean Tiara and necklace.  I like this look as well.  Well he definately has great taste.

The Ocean tiara and necklace gift to HSH Princess Charlene on the occasion of their wedding.

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