Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Designer Profile - Michael Kors

Time to add a new fashion designer into my collection...
I’m sure everyone is sick of my Ralph Lauren fetish.  It won’t go away, but I thought I should mix it up with some other designers once in a while.  Here is another designer that I simply love.  His styles are so elegant, simple and classic.  I find myself admiring his work more and more.
For a last touch of summer.  Spring 2011 Collection

I love this swimsuit.  But I'm wondering what happens when the leather trim gets wet?

I've just been advised by my son that this look is more for people his age group.  I think the model is more what he has in mind.  Teenage sons really can't see their mothers as anything but a mother.  No imagination.

Apparently he thinks maybe I could get away with this outfit.

And since the white stuff will be here before we know it.  Winter 2010 Collection.

Ok that's enough. I'm not ready for all that white stuff just yet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Some additional inspiration to end summer and lead into fall...

Central Park - Image source unknown

I honestly can't remember where I got this image from.  If anyone knows let me know.  I believe this was from a photo spread that showcased her entire house, but can't remember where I found it.
Source unknown
Source unknown

Image Source Unknown - Doesn't this tuna sandwich look so good.

Michael Kors I need new glasses

Image Source Unknown

Monday, August 29, 2011

Whole Living Challenge - Day 46

Shhhhh – Quiet time...
Home is where I need to relax and recharge.  So I’m going around the house and trying to find ways to keep the noise level down.  Including my son’s online gaming voice.  For white noise to drown him out I’m using an old computer with some of my favourite soothing downloaded tunes and an oscillating fan.  Seriously.  You need a sound proof room for teenagers sometimes.

Profile - Elaine Irwin

Elaine was one of the many supermodels that modeled for Calvin Klein.  These images were some of my favourites.  Classic, Elegant, Serene and Sophisticated.  We need more of this today.

These was before the Mellencamp got added onto her last name, so they are dated, but the Almay cosmetic ads are newer and she’s still as lovely as ever.  I believe these are her two sons in the ad.  Growing older gracefully was always one of my goals and she seems to have figured it out beautifully.  Of course, I guess it helps being a supermodel.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

I need a new sink and this one fits perfectly...

Wardrobe Updates - Leather Bag Large Enough for Everything

This tote designed by Tricia Foley is perfect for me...
No one offers bags anymore.  I know it’s good for the environment.  So I’m on the lookout for a bag like this.  I actually had one many, many, many years ago and it got so badly stained that it finally became an embarrassment to carry it.  It seems like I’m always looking for replacement pieces for my clothes and accessories.  My taste  hasn't changed much over the years.  My style is classic, quality, tailored and made to last.  It may seem boring to some people, but it's much easier on the pocketbook.  It's just such a pain when you want to replace them.  I hate retiring my favourites. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jennifer & Cary Grant - Good Stuff

I've always been a big fan of Cary Grant and have thoroughly enjoyed so many of his movies.  His films are listed among some of my favourites.  I read somewhere that he was always very careful about crafting his image.  Frankly I think a few hollywood stars nowadays should follow his example.  However, in my opinion, I've always felt that the true Cary Grant was revealed in his later years as he found peace in his fifth and final marriage to Barbara Harris Grant, but most of all in the love he felt for his daughter.  Whenever he was with her he just seemed to light up and in photos of them he is clearly so proud of her.  To me that is the true and best Cary Grant and if he were alive today I think he would agree with me.

Images Ralph Lauren Magazine

Some images of Cary Grant and his precious daughter Jennifer.


This is one of my favourite Cary Grant stories.  While filming Operation Petticoat this little girl was cast for the movie and was devastated when she realized that she was going to be costumed in rags as a refugee.  Cary Grant felt so bad for her that he went out and bought her this pretty little dress so that she would have something special.  That's the Cary Grant I love and admire.  Celebrities today could learn a lot from him.  He wasn't perfect, but he was a great man at heart and it shows in all of his relationships and movies.

Thank you Jennifer for opening up and writing about your relationship with your father.  Memories are the greatest treasures we have in life and I think it's time I created a few more special memories with my teenage son before he heads out into the world.
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