Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Grand European Tour Must Include Venice

Image source unknown
The best movie I’ve seen to showcase the beauty of Venice is “The Tourist”.  The Director said that his goal for this movie was to showcase Angelina’s beauty and the beauty of Venice, as well as showcase Johnny Depps gentle character.   On that count he succeeded on all measures.  The film is a fun romp with a few twists and as far as I’m concerned what more could you want.

But of course if I go I need the wardrobe of Angelina Jolie from the movie or it just won't be the same.  The designer Colleen Atwood is an academy award winning fashion designer and I love the outfits she came out with for Elise Ward.

Colleen's favourite outfit from the movie
Shimmering white satin

A beautifully tailored black suit with elegant jewellery

A sweater chosen for the colour.

The stunning necklace from the finale

Robert Procop fitting Angelina Jolie with the antique tiara that they used as a necklace for the movie.  Tiara's are becoming very multi-functional now-a-days.


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