Monday, October 17, 2011

Just for Me

George Clooney as Cary Grant - what could be better than that.  I'm a big Cary Grant fan.  Always have been actually, and yes I've noticed some resemblance of George Clooney to Cary.  So naturally I enjoyed this photo spread from Vanity Fair.  I'm sure everyone has seen it many times but I just love it. 

I mean George may not be the settling down kind of guy, but there is something about him.  My son has recently informed me that he learned in school that men are chemically incapable of really settling down and it goes against their nature.  Sounds like something a man would come up with.  I'm dying to see him explain that one to his future wife.  Seriously this is the information he picks up at school but learning to clean up his room and keep it that way is totally beyond him. 

Images of George Clooney & Gemma Ward for Vanity Fair Magazine

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