Friday, October 14, 2011

Esquire Bachelor Pad in Brooklyn

A while ago real estate blogs posted information on a unique penthouse apartment for sale in Brooklyn.  You've probably all seen the images by now.  It includes 4 clock tower windows, a three story glass elevator and the most amazing views of the New York skyline and of both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge flanking it on both sides.

My first thought was "Great place but it would be hard to decorate as anything but a bachelor pad." Turns out Esquire magazine was thinking the same thing and decorated the pad with just that in mind. 

Every year Esquire magazine transforms an apartment or "bachelor pad" to host charity and celebrity events.  This year they chose the clock tower penthouse apartment in the Dumbo building in Brooklyn.  Each room was decorated by a different designer which is naturally nice, and gives them a chance to showcase their work, but it's usually not cohesive.  However, to each his own.

You have to admit that it's got amazing views and any changes that have been made to the apartment can easily be changed again. 

They've even added a fifth clock which acts as computer screen showing different views of great travel places in the world.  The wall on the right is used as a display screen to view your twitter account.  Bit much I think, but boys and their toys.  

The apartment was recently shown on the Today show, but I can't view it because I'm from Canada so for those who can check it out.  There are some really nice features that are worth seeing.

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