Friday, June 17, 2011


A life of quiet elegance... 
This is a phrase that brings to mind classic architecture, impeccable taste and style.  The word “serene” has always made me feel that way.   
The problem is that my life is anything but serene.  My life is a muddled mess of chaos – messy teenage rooms and teenage hormones, household cleaning and maintenance, tight budgets, and a stressful career..  SO, this is my virtual life that I can disappear into and where I can live a life of quiet elegance and instantly feel serene and peaceful.  This is a personal blog and not really meant for everyone.  However, if anyone finds some tranquillity, inspiration or serenity here, feel free to check in with me.  
Since I’m a visual person, images will be a large part of this.  Some will be from my extensive collection that are taking up space on my computer and I’ve had for years, and some from other sites that I will link to and give credit to whenever possible.  I must admit that I’ve lost track of where I got some of these items, so if anyone can set me straight on that I would appreciate it.  I like to give credit where credit is due.
To start – here is my living room...
Actually it’s not, but it is the inspiration photo for what I hope to do to my living room one of these days.  This room is so peaceful and cozy looking.  It epitomizes the life of quiet elegance I hope to achieve one day.
Welcome to my new world.

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