Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream Home

Frick Estate
I just watched The Philadelphia Story which made me think of this beautiful home.  It’s on the market for $68 million US.  Apparently Oprah Winfrey took a look at it a while ago.  Unless my good friend Oprah is planning on buying this for me as a present, I think I’ll have to pass.  The taxes alone would wipe me out. 

I love this style of classic architecture.  Vaulted ceilings, dentil trim molding, roman pillar door molding, beautiful parquet flooring and white and black marble flooring.  What's not to like?

For additional images of the Frick Estate – view here.

The character of Tracy Lord was inspired by Helen Hope Montgomery Scott (1905–1995), a Philadelphia socialite known for her hijinks, who married a friend of playwright Philip Barry.

Barry wrote The Philadelphia Story specifically for Katharine Hepburn, who ended up backing the play, and foregoing a salary in return for a percentage of the play's profits.  The play was a great success on Broadway, and was Hepburn's first great triumph after several movie flops had led to movie theater owners including her on a list of actors viewed as "box office poison."

Katherine Hepburn from "The Philadelphia Story"

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