Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wardrobe Updates - Cozy Cashmere

It’s time for a whole new wardrobe to fit in with my serene life…

Cashmere, just the mere word speaks luxury, cozy comfort and warmth.   It seems strange writing about Cashmere when summer is only beginning, but when I think of starting with wardrobe classics the first thing to come to mind is a black turtleneck.  I have a couple of cashmere turtlenecks that I purchased on sale and I found hard to care for.  And then one day walking into a fine store that sold nothing but cashmere, I discovered what really good cashmere feels like and realized why the turtlenecks I bought were so cheap.  There was no comparison. 

Cashmere comes from the extremely soft undercoat of a long-haired Kasmir goat.  It's harvested by gently combing the goats (definately something to see - they seem to love the gentle combing.)  You can only get about 250 grams from each goat per season and once they've removed the coarser outer fibers you're down to approximately 100 grams.  That is why cashmere is so precious.  Baby cashmere is even more rare.  Aren't these little guys cute?

(Considered some of the finest in the world)

I’m a turtleneck kind of girl and I think most women over a certain age appreciate them.  They’re a classic that will never go out of style.  Every fall I head out to buy new turtlenecks.  I tend to stick to Ricki’s because they’re reasonably priced, and include a selection of turtlenecks in a wide range of colours.  A black one is a must every year.  These tend to wear well throughout a season, but this year I’m thinking these cashmere turtlenecks from Ralph Lauren would be a nice addition to my virtual wardrobe – if not my real wardrobe. The colours, grey, black and white, a good basic start for any classic wardrobe.  How could I go wrong?

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