Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Glace rare iceberg water
Every once in awhile something comes up that makes me shake my head in wonder at what people will pay to appear elite.  (My Birkin bag weakness is one exception).  Below is their explanation.
“Those who travel to the world’s rare and secret resorts have taken pleasure to a refined high art. New and rare experiences are craved by seekers of the finest, connoisseurs of the best. Yet today the most opulent settings are characterized by a serene simplicity, by organic, earth-friendly experiences. For this consumer, GLACE Rare Iceberg Water is the perfect idea. Something so ancient, yet so new, that it exists in a class by itself. As a rare single malt is to whisky, GLACE is to water.”
OK – I guess I’m not there yet.  I’m not sure this convinces me to pay the $15.00 per bottle price tag, but I must confess it is an impressive bottle design.
If you want a good laugh at the "über" rich this is a fun site to check out - Stuff Rich People Love

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