Friday, June 24, 2011

Peonies - Nature's Work of Art

Although these only appear in June, they always make me feel serene...

I faithfully planted a peonie bush and waited with baited breath for it to come.  And... I got one flower, but it was beautiful and worth the wait.

Peonies are my favourite flower.  I love the smell they give off and the way they can make a room seem so cheerful suddenly.  I love the delicacy of their petals and the way they open up layer upon layer.  They're a natural work of art on their own.  As such I felt they should be framed since I'm hoping to do something like this on a focal wall in my bathroom.  I got the idea to do these in black and white from Caroline Reed - she has some great suggestions on what do with your flower photos.

Peonies are quite hardy and love sunlight which is where I think I went wrong.  They are up against a fence and while it gets plenty of sunlight most of the time, this year hasn't been the best and I guess I'll just have to wait for next year. 

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