Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Time

Canadians love American football just as much as Americans do and the Super Bowl is of course the big time. 

It's a rematch between the New England Patriots vs. the New York Giants.

I'm sorry to say I really don't care who wins because I cheer for both teams.  So I'm looking forward to a good game and may the best team win. 

UPDATE:  Congratulations to the New York Giants the 2012 Super Bowl champions. 

Final Score - New England 17, New York Giants 21. 

The best Super Bowl commercials are also up for grabs.  This is big bucks and some of them are really good.  There is one problem for all Canadians.  Due to Canadian content laws, we tend to miss some of the best Super Bowl commercials which I personally find very frustrating.  So, for all Canadians who hate being a day behind.  Here is a link to some of the best for 2012.  You be the judge.  And in the spirit of Canadian content laws - check out Budweiser Commercial.

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