Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Golden Companion

The Best Dog In The Whole Wide World.

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Yes we have a golden retriever and they are the best dogs in the whole wide world.  Except for one little drawback.  Fur, Fur and lots of Fur.  I have gone through so many vacumn cleaners and although my house is fairly new, it desperately needs to have the vents blown.  It costs a small fortune to groom a golden retriever and constant upkeep to keep the fur in line and it gets everywhere.  I've cleaned the house, scrubbed it from top to bottom and stepped back to admire my work and... my son walks in the door with the dog, there's a gust of wind down the hallway and presto - fur everywhere.  Then the paw marks all over my hardwood floors.  But, despite all of this she is very much a member of the family and will remain so until her time comes.  She's turning 13 years old this year.  Paler around the muzzle but otherwise in very good health according to the vet.  She's a perfect specimen.  Her parents were prize show dogs and we were advised she would be the perfect show dog or we could breed her.  But that was never part of the plan - she was our pet and now as I watch the cat curled up between her paws sleeping and the dog trying not to disturb her when she moves I'm struck by how truly gentle and loving these dogs are.  She has dragged by son down the icy streets, let the vacumn cleaner know who's boss and defended her turf against any one she deems unworthy and greeted every one she feels is worthy.  If you can put up with the fur they are the best dogs.

Seriously who can resist them?

This is one movie and book that has made me laugh so much because my dog was so similar when she was young.  Ok this dog is a golden lab, but you get the drift.  (SPOLIER ALERT)  To this day, I can't watch the ending of the movie.  I get to that point and shut it off because I know that day is coming for real and I'll face it when I come to it.  But I highly recommend the movie.  It's probably the best film I've seen Owen Wilson in. 

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