Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Breakfast anyone?

I'm finding myself really into berries at the moment.  Sadly so is my son and a container of raspberries can disappear in seconds around here.  We're battling it out to see who can get to the container first. Trust me when I say that I actually purchase two containers - one for here and one for when my son unloads the groceries from the car.  They never seem to even get in the door.


I was spoiled and grew up with wild berries in the bushes all around us.  Snacks were always on hand every summer.  I miss those days when I'm standing in the produce section of the groceries stores staring at the prices and calculating how much I can afford in my head.  Our grocery bills have been going through the roof lately.  And when berries are becoming a real luxury item it's not a good sign.

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