Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Wake-up Makeup Call

It's been quite awhile since I bought new makeup.  I'm not wearing much lately because I'm usually in too much of a rush or too tired to care.  However, when I noticed that the cheap makeup I bought (no idea how long ago - I think around 2 years ago), had broken the lid, gone down to the metal and was flaking badly, I decided it was time to try something new and better quality. 

I've been following Elin Kling for a little while now and when she mentions a good product, I make a mental note.  When she mentions it a couple of times I make an even bigger mental note.  Recently on her post Postcards from Sweden she mentioned a few products that I decided would be worth a try. I've been looking tired and drawn lately and since my son also wanted to buy me perfume for mothers day, I thought it would be a good way to accomplish two things at once. 

We paid a visit to Sephora.  I found a small Flawless Face Kit from Laura Mercier (in nude) and decided it had smaller sample sizes of everything I wanted to try and from there we made our way over to the Perfume counter.  The Tom Ford perfume I wanted to try wasn't available in our Sephora and so I tried a few others instead. This was my son's favourite so that is what I went with. 

Some MAC eye shadow and Lustre Drops and I was ready to check out.  My son standing in line behind me was reflected in a mirror - I forgot how tall he was and was reminded when he stood head and shoulders over every man and woman in the line up.  OK - mostly women.  It was at the cash register that it hit both of us just how much makeup and perfume can cost.  Having never experienced this type of thing my son was shocked.  How do women afford it?  Good question.  I feel for his wife someday. 

At any rate, I decided when I got home and removed my pretty items from their packaging that this was a call for practice "product shots" with my new camera and used the setting sun to affect.  Or so I thought.  I think I need some more practice with lighting.

This little thing includes your coverage on one side for perfect blending, and the bottom half includes face powder. Pretty ingenious. 

 I havea much bigger appreciation for The Beauty Look Book.  How does she do it?
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's in the World.  We truly deserve this day.

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