Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Ruthless Weeding Out

I'm beginning a ruthless weeding out of my life.  Inspired by Life in Aventi Cup - Out with the old, I decided that a spring cleaning wasn't enough for my house.  I've been feeling pretty hemmed in lately.  Did I mention my house is the size of a shoe box?  Well it is and it's time to do something I've wanted to do for so long.  I don't want anything in my life that I don't love or need.  So it's back to basics. 
This will be tough I've discovered the hard way.  The first round through my closet left me very little.  Pretty much one of everything and almost entirely black and white.
In other words, I need a wardrobe update very badly when that's all I can find.  There were a couple of other items but upon closer inspection, the black blazer has lost a button (which I can't find), and the navy blue pant suit is heading to the dry cleaners. 
Inspiration is desperately needed since a new spring wardrobe was not on the budget at all.   


All images tumblr.
Here is the reason I need a new wardrobe - this is what I have found myself left with.


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