Sunday, March 9, 2014

Princess Margaret Showhouse by Brian Gluckenstein

OK - I'm probably the last person to blog about this house, but I've only just found my images - amazing what you find when you're weeding through things.  Including my very, very large selection of images.  At any rate, I love this home and the colour palette.  These are my colours lately for everything from clothes to décor.  I just find it soothing - and in this very sophisticated.  See for yourself.

This house design was used once before by the Princess Margaret foundation but with a completely different look inside. 

Located in Oakville, Ontario (like all the homes so far). 
I love this picture gallery hallway.
Love the pictures on the shelves to the left. 

The hallway and dining area.  Those dining chairs.... I would love those.

Love the big window and the dark grey painted interior of the cupboards.

The Library is a double height library - an idea he must have gotten from his own home.
Such an elegant home.
House & Home for a tour with Brian himself.
Brian Gluckenstein is like the Canadian version of Ralph Lauren.  Well without the fashion part.  Still he's all life style home décor and boy do I have a thing for his products and home designs.  I haven't seen one I didn't like yet.  There are so many rooms I didn't showcase so check out the link above for more images.

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