Sunday, March 2, 2014

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet with Natalie Portman

While I'm trying to sort through my house and put things in order, I've got to admit that I'm desperate for spring.  Anything - even some small sign of hope would be great right about now.  This winter has me feeling like a hermit and I know there are plenty of others who feel the same.  So I'm taking a quick break to indulge myself because a person can only clean out closets for so long. 

This caught my eye and I'm dying to try it - the timing couldn't be more perfect since anything even hinting at spring seems like heaven right now.  The power of scent is a huge part of this and for me this new perfume looks like the a good one to try.  The advertising images of Natalie Portman for the campaign are stunning.  Enjoy a little taste of spring.


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