Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's time to give Angelina Jolie a break...

I was recently looking for an image and came across some old images of Angelina Jolie modeling for St. John's.  Part of my cleanup and clearing out effort.

At any rate, let's get this out of the way first.  I like Jennifer Aniston (always have) but I've always felt that Angelina Jolie got a bum deal when the marriage ended.  Let's be honest here, it was Brad Pitt in the marriage and Brad Pitt who strayed.  I've always felt he got off too easily as everyone wanted to blame the vixen Angelina.  Now, Angelina was a great actress but a bit too weird and edgy for my liking.  That changed when she adopted her son Maddox and even more when she hooked up with Brad.  (If anything nowadays she appears to be the conservative, classic dresser and Brad looks like an unmade blanket - no offense Brad). 

By the way, Angelina clearly has curves, but she also appears to have a fast metabolism.  My son is the same way and he eats non-stop to keep a decent weight.  I have the grocery bills to prove it. 
However, I digress....  This is about the St. John's advertisements that she did when she was their spokesperson.  I'll be honest I had never even heard of St. John's (or didn't pay them much attention) until Angelina became their spokesperson.  I loved the black and white ads and saw the brand as sexy, elegant and stylish.  So you can imagine how surprised I was when it was announced that they were dropping her as their spokesperson.  "She was overshadowing the brand."  "They were going in a new direction, away from actresses and blonds...".   They moved onto a new edgy image.  Ok everyone has the right to change their look.  So you can imagine my continued surprise when they moved on to Kate Winslet a few years later.  Hmmmm - Academy Award Winning Actress, Blond. 

At any rate, I'm posting the images again and just had to get that off my chest.  It's been years since her affair with Brad.  Six kids later and their still together and still very much in love and clearly committed to one another and their kids.  So let's just move on and give the woman a break.  She's a good actress, clearly a good director and screen writer and humanitarian and from all appearances a great mother.   She has my admiration for those characteristics.

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