Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar is Back

I'm a big fan of the Oscars but when they started going for a younger audience I found myself not even bothering to watch.  Apparently from the reviews I didn't miss much.  However, this year since I like Ellen DeGeneres I figured I would tune in.  Actually my son was the one who really wanted to watch the Oscars figuring it should be a good one with Ellen as the host. (So much for going for the youth audience - even my teenager prefers the Oscars without the need for hosts to get raunchy.) 

I wasn't disappointed.  The best Oscars I've seen in a long time and the fashions were stunning this year.  They appear to have really pulled out the stops.  And it was probably the best Oscar I've seen in years with Ellen being herself - complete with ordering in pizza - which the stars ate, passing the hat for money to give the delivery person - brought out on stage.  And popping up out of nowhere in the audience to announce the show.  It was completely unpredictable and fun. 

My favourite moment however was this.  So Ellen and so fun.

Ellen broke twitter with her impromptu photos.  You'll probably be able to see the others on her show as she took a few, but this was hilarious.  It started with Meryl Streep and went from there.  Everyone appeared to being have a great time and that's what makes the Oscar's a great show.
Great job Ellen.  I hope the Oscar committees have learned from this experience.  You made the Oscar's fun again. 
The actual shot twitter shot. 
But back to the red carpet fashions.... 
Brad and Angelina - both big winners tonight.  Angelina with a Honorary Oscar for her humanitarian work and Brad for Best Picture - 12 Years a Slave.
Lupita Nyongo - winner for best actress
Matthew McConaughey - winner for best actor and his lovely wife - what a pretty colour on her.
Amy Adams - wow - Bill Murray said it best so I won't comment.

Jessica Biel - this dress just shimmered with so many colours in the lights.

Jennifer Garner - sparkling on her own without Ben.

Emma Watson - this dress was so beautiful on her - she's become such a stunning woman.
Charlize Theron - Wow - She rarely goes wrong and this dress was just amazing.

Jennifer Lawrence - a showstopper in red.  Even my son commented on this dress.  I think he's got a bit of a crush anyway - although he'll never admit to watching the Hunger Games movies - he's too cool for that.

Kate Hudson - when she came out to present they showed her mother Goldie Hawn who was awed by how stunning her daughter looked.  Mama's very proud.

Kerry Washington - Glowing in her lavender gown and pregnancy. 

Naomi Watts - Such a lovely shimmering dress.
And saving one of the best for last - Sandra Bullock - simple, elegant and a great person and actress.
I won't even get into the jewelry worn tonight.  A king's ransom sparkling in the lights.  Serious bling everywhere. 

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