Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Skincare Maintenance from Garance

Lately I've been looking at my skin and feeling the need for a complete revamp of my beauty routine.  I came across this article from Garance Dore and was surprised when she was advised to stop using water on her face.  Not something I was expecting.  Since we have such hard water around here I'm wondering if maybe this is something I should try.

I'm a little leery at the prospect of giving up water to clean my face although there are a number of comments from followers on her site that appear to like it.  One even recommended a product that she uses called Bioderma Sensibio H2O which I'm tempted to try.

I recently bought into the hype of purchasing a Clarasonic brush.  (well I had a Christmas gift certificate to use up and this was one thing that caught my eye).  I'd had it and used it for two days and felt how much clearer my skin felt with all the dead skin cells removed.

And then a few days of use later I found this article on her site

Reviews from her followers are mixed on this so I'll give it a try and post my results with it. Still if you're looking for good, realistic beauty advise Garance has some great observations and suggestions.  I highly recommend her site.

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