Saturday, March 17, 2012

Profile: Caroline Reed Interior Design - Bathroom Inspiration

I love this bathroom because I'm in love with the colour. I'm thinking that this would be great for my bathroom so I'm adding this to my inspiration file.  So soothing.  Once again, Caroline Reed of Caroline Reed Interior Design speaks to me.


  1. You chose great inspirations for your bathroom. It’s great that you chose accents and marble to make your white bathroom look more stylish than traditional. Aside from these, you can also play your style with the light fixture, towel racks and other wall decors. Anyway, how is the bathroom update going?

    Leeanne Dyson

  2. The color is not just soothing, but it also looks elegant. It may cost you a bit to imitate this bathroom, but no money can measure up to the satisfaction it’ll bring you. Am I right? Of course, this is only an inspiration. I’m sure that you’ll create your own design for your bathroom. I hope to see what you’ve done soon!

  3. Excellent interior. Thanks for sharing the useful information. It was really amazing and very informative. Keep sharing.
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