Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Papier-Mâché as an Artform

Remember playing with papier-mâché as a little kid in school?  Up to your elbows in sticking glue and thin strips of paper and you stuck them to old bowls to create your own bowl and then paint them pretty colours and glaze them?  And then remember your mother's proud face as she displayed it and tried to find things to put into it?  And then remember realizing one day that it wasn't on display anymore and hearing that somehow the dog destroyed it and secretly suspecting that your mother threw it out?  Well here is a papier-mâché bowl that wouldn't get thrown out.  Created by Up in the Air SomeWhere, these bowls are hand painted with a gold leafed interior that makes them almost glow. Apparently these are surprisingly durable and look particularly beautiful in low light.  Mom would have loved these.  Actually I would have loved these.

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