Friday, October 3, 2014

What a closet - three stories high

This is an addition to the post below....

This house and closet are on the market for $12 million so get your cheque books ready.  Sorry - I don't think the closet contents go with it.  I'm adding a few more images of the closet and house.  Something I didn't realize before - there's a champagne bar in the closet - this woman thinks of everything.

Rear Exterior of the house

Dream pool

Dream BBQ pit and bar

Dream cabana
OK - now for the killer closet.

Can you imagine - one shelf just for your Chanel purchases?

The champagne bar and stools for entertaining in your closet.

Staircase looking down

Fruit anyone?

Love the way this is displayed like a store display - and that tub in the background.  Decadent.

The view looking up.

A view I didn't see before.
The remaining images are part of the original post.

Ok so this is one of my many weaknesses.  A really organized closet - but even I wouldn't dare to dream this high.  I could shop this closet for a month and probably still not see everything.  It's so organized and there is every colour scheme imaginable.  The closet is owned by Theresa Roemer from Texas.  When they say they like everything big in Texas - they aren't kidding.

A clear love of Hermes stands out in this wardrobe.
 More images on Life in a Venti Cup

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