Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Forgive me for my mess

Lack of space on my computer and a major busy time in my life have left me little time for blogging or preparing any content.  So just enjoy the visual journey and hopefully I'll have something worthy to say or at least observe when this crunch time finally lets up.
See how much I'm pushing Spring along?

And summer too.

Love this black and white look

Toss in a little French chateau look.

Great view

Another great view.

A serious closet reorg is due for my son's closet.

And mama wants a new pair of shoes.

love this colour

love this view

and this view

yeah even when the rains coming in.

Lovely lanterns in Santa Barbara.   
I mean how often can you travel from the Hamptons to Monaco to Lake Taho or Lake Como and Santa Barbara.  Like I said earlier..... all over the map.
Fun right?

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