Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another Crazy Time... Tumbling off into Tumblr

This past weekend made me realize how far behind I am in almost every area of my life.  I've been so busy the last few years just trying to keep up with all the changes in my life that I haven't had time to stop and smell the roses or enjoy much of anything.  The "To Do" list is a mile long, the basement could be declared a disaster area - it literally looks like a bomb went off, and I still have a ton of medical equipment - including a wheel chair ramp in my garage that I need to get rid of.  There is a storage facility filled to the brim with items from the sale of my parents home that needs to be sorted out and financial estate matters that we still haven't managed to get to.  Part of the problem is trying to get my sister to sit still long enough to sort through things, but a lot of it is just the complete exhaustion I suffered from after my dad's death.  Being a primary caregiver wipes you out to your very core.  It takes a special type of person to take on this sort of thing.  In my case I was doing out of love and concern for my dad (and despite everything I would do it again), but it does hit you to very core and breaks your heart a little every day. 

At any rate, this is a long way of saying that with all that I have to deal with for the next little while I'm afraid that once again I have to put this blog on hiatus.  While I enjoy blogging, I just don't have the time anymore to do the research, and I found myself posting with no rhyme nor reason.  Plus, like many others I'm finding myself getting my quick fix by tumbling into tumbler. A sample below of some of my favourites.  Enjoy (and again, no rhyme nor reason).  So for the next little while I'll follow other bloggers through their adventures when I can find the time and I'll post periodically when I have a chance, but regular posts for the next foreseeable future are off the menu. 

My apologies to those who follow me regularly.  I'll miss all of you and hope to get back into the swing of things sometime in the near future, but sorting out my life and clearing out the closets has to be a priority right now.  I need some time to just relax and do nothing for a little while (Doctors orders).  Hope you understand.

Off to dreamland.....




See what I mean - all over the place - so I'm off to put my life back into some sort of order.

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