Saturday, November 12, 2011

Packing for Warmer Weather

There is a reason why Canadians are referred to as snowbirds.  When the snow fly's we head for warmer climates.  However, traditional snowbird time is from January to March and most resorts are booked solid.  So I'm taking an early vacation this year.  Oh I know I'll regret it when the snow is flying and who knows maybe I'll go then too if I can find a great last minute deal, but right now I need a vacation.  As such I'm finding myself going through my warmer clothes and realizing that some shopping might be in order.
A stylish hat for shade and pretty white dress.  

White trench, stylish shades, white slacks and some nice luggage.

Comfy gold loafers for walking.

What the heck - silver as well to go with my silver jewellery

Stylish gold sandals for the beach and dressing up.

All images Ralph Lauren.


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