Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life is a Balancing Act

Ok so I’m not a great orator...
For those who follow my blog you’ll see that I’m a very visual person.  I don’t write much in the way of content and if I do it tends to be excerpted from another site which I point to.  However, it’s been pointed out that I don’t show much of myself in this blog.  There is a reason for that of course.  It was never meant to be a blog for the outside world.  More a serene and beautiful place where I can go when I want to remind myself of who I am inside.  A world where I have an unlimited budget and lots of time to travel, shop and just enjoy life.  On some level I think we’re all looking for that.  Some more than others.
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So if you must know, I suffer from bouts of insecurity, can get overwhelmed by life, and I’m too sensitive at times.  This is my way of handling it. So for those who are suffering from some of these symptoms as well, here are a few articles that I recommend.  This blog is my form of therapy by the way and I’ll eventually post more about myself when I’m ready.
How to change your attitude – One of my favourite articles
Also my son suffers from severe ADHD so I tend to read up on articles that will help me understand him better as well.

So now you know why I need a serene place. 

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