Saturday, January 3, 2015

My New Favourite Designer - Scott Yetman

As part of my New Years Resolutions (half of which I've already broken), I'm working on simplifying my life.  As such I won't be blogging as often as in the past.  Oh I know I've been remiss for quite awhile, but there just won't be time this year as I have very long to do list to work my way through as this year is all about purging and I've my determined to organize those pockets of resistance.   I'll try blogging about once a week so check in once in awhile.  I'll be around.  Now back to the reason for this post.

I had to post about my new favorite designer, Scott Yetman.  Well he's new to me but he's been around for a while and works out of Montreal.  House and Home Magazine recently featured his apartment.  Suddenly I'm craving good quality antiques and beautiful clean dentil mouldings, a clean black and white scheme through out and touches of whimsy.  See for yourself.


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