Friday, September 12, 2014

St. Marks Square

St. Marks Square is just as beautiful as you can imagine, and just as expensive.  The finest shopping in Venice is found here and in my case the most expensive bottle of coke in my life.  $13.50 - but it did come with a glass, ice cubes and a couple of slices of lemon on a silver tray by a very courteous waiter.  You know you're living when you get that kind of treatment for just a glass of coke - oh and did I mention being serenaded by musicians?

Doge's Palace and the column with the winged lion of Venice perched on top.
The second column with  Stain Theodore, who was the patron of the city before St Mark.  He's holding a spear and with a crocodile that is supposed to  represent the dragon he was said to have slain.
And of course - the crowds of tourists.

Basilica of St Mark - naturally under construction

Torre dell'Orologio - or clock tower in the center of the frame, the basilica on the right and the entrance to the St Mark's Campanile or Bell Tower on the left.

My expensive little eatery and the wonderful musicians - there are two of these outdoor restaurants in the square.

And the jewelry - diamonds, pearls and everything in between.  So stunning.  My son wondered why I was taking so many pictures of jewelry since I really don't own that much jewelry.  Good question, maybe this is a new phase.  Look out pocket book if that's the case.

And of course ... the pigeons - they were everywhere.
The clock tower and the red tall poles are flag poles

These ornate lamp posts with the pretty pink glass are everywhere in Italy and give off a beautiful soft glow.  I fell in love with them.

The proverbial royal type balcony - what palace doesn't have one nowadays.

See that balcony - the next day I climbed up there - fear of heights and everything - beautiful shots let me tell you and worth it but I was a nervous wreck until I was back on firm ground.

And of course - the money shot that all good tourists to Italy must take - it's almost a right of passage.
Next up... Riding in a gondola...


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