Saturday, April 5, 2014

One room down ... too many more to go

Every spring I've given my house a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.... except these last three years when my life spiraled out of control.  After a horrible winter I'm ready to kick it into high gear and get moving on my spring cleaning.  However, I've discovered the hard way that three years can do more damage than I anticipated.  This is going to take longer than I thought.  I've only got one room done.  Granted I'm being very thorough and using the opportunity to really make ruthless decisions about what's going to remain.  That said, I decided that the master bedroom would be my first really big project to tackle since it would include my wardrobe and I would clean everything out and begin moving the spring/summer clothes into the wardrobe and packing up the winter clothes.  I've forced myself to try on every single article of clothing and really judge.  Wow - that turned out to be a major problem.  I've gained far more weight than I realized and found that I will have very little to wear this summer.  So, since a whole new wardrobe is out of the question, there is little option left but to begin a .... "diet".  I hate that word so I'm going with "lifestyle change"... sounds less restricting.  The cupboards, fridge and freezer will be my next move. 

I love these organizers for fruit and eggs and yet I can't find where I got this image from or where I can find these products.  Let me know if you're familiar with them.
Here's a great article from One Good Thing for really giving my fridge a good cleaning.  This is what I'm aiming for.  It appears we have the same refrigerator. 

I'm scouring the web for healthier eating recipes and suggestions so any good ones forward my way, especially lunch ideas for me to take to work.  It's my greatest weakness and usually where all of my previous "life style" diets have gone off course. 
Along with my "life style" diet is a determination to begin a new exercise program.  Not quite sure how that will look yet, but I'm determined to get started.  Here's a good article  from Vickie Archer of French Essence to motivate you.
My complexion is a mess so I'm looking for ways to clean up years of stress lines, sun damage and overall puffiness (and any other aging suggestions - you name it I need it).  Then there's the tanning issue.  My skin is so pale that I glow in the dark.  Sun tanning is now out of the question.  Too many years of baking myself (I know, I didn't listen and I'm paying the price now), so I'm looking for a good self-tanner. 
Then there is my son's bedroom, the crypt as I'm beginning to refer to it.  I literally can't find the floor and many things have simply disappeared in there never to return to the land of the living again.  Time for a really ruthless cleaning out in there.  I may never be heard from again. 
This is just the tip of the iceberg so bare with me and if you have any really good articles, suggestions, etc. for getting organized let me know.  I'm on the hunt.


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